Our Roofers Are Here

Roofing101 understands that most homeowners have never filed an insurance claim for damage to their home before. Whether it's your first time filing a claims process or you've been through this before, we can assist you to ensure you get the most out of your settlement before any repairs are made.

As a Kansas City resident, you know we deal with more than our fair share of weather disasters. Whether it’s tornadoes, storms, high winds, or floods – we see it all. This means many residents will be part of an inevitable claims process for some type of roof damage. Dealing with this isn’t easy, which is why Roofing101 of Kansas City is here to help. Our team of experts understand how to inspect for roof damage, and may even be able to see the damage that your insurance adjuster does not. We will do an initial inspection of the property and give you the proper guidance to help you avoid unnecessary insurance claims.

Our experience is necessary, because in our line of work we’ve seen it all. We know what is consistent with storm damage and can ensure that an insurance adjuster will be fair and cover all the damage caused by the storm. Whenever possible, it’s best to have our professionals complete the initial inspection alongside your insurance adjuster. However, if you have already filed a claim but have been denied coverage – have us take a second look. If we find substantial evidence of damage, we can recommend a second inspection to your insurance adjuster. This is not an uncommon request for legitimate claims. Sometimes we find errors made by the adjuster or other items that need to be done. That’s right, we’re looking out for you.

Roofing101 of Kansas City always puts customers first, and for that reason, we are always willing to work with your insurance agency and help in any way that we can. We work with a variety of insurance companies so you can stay protected. If you are unsure if your roof has suffered damage or want a professional second opinion, contact Roofing101 of Kansas City today.

As you might imagine, an insurance claims process can be a long, drawn-out procedure which takes a lot of follow-up, calls and research. Having an experienced contractor like Roofing101 of Kansas City can be a huge benefit. See how we can help you through the claims process at a time when you need it most.