Asphalt Shingle Installation

At Roofing101, our specialized Kansas City roofers ensure quality, cost-effective asphalt roofing installation and repair. Along with maintenance service to keep your shingles in great shape, you’re assured a long-lasting covering, since we use versatile, architectural materials from leading manufacturers.

Professional Asphalt Shingles Installation and Repair in Kansas City

As one of the most popular roofing options for homes nowadays, asphalt shingles are a true favorite because of their durable yet inexpensive construction. Additionally, with their wide variety of textures, colors, and styles, asphalt shingles, when properly installed and cared for, can provide you with decades of excellence.

Benefits of an Asphalt Shingles

Typically, asphalt roof shingles in Kansas City come in two variations: organic or fiberglass/composite. Manufactured with a fiberglass base mat and a waterproof asphalt coating, fiberglass/composite shingles offer added protection against weather damage.

  • Low Maintenance – Asphalt shingles need very minimal maintenance when correctly installed, and if damaged, can be easily repaired.
  • Affordable – These shingles are well-known for providing unmatched value, as they offer both low material cost and extended-life expectancy.
  • Versatile – Match these shingles to any house with its wide array of colors and styles that are sure to blend in seamlessly.
  • Durable – The vast majority of asphalt fiberglass shingles offer excellent wind resistance and a Class A fire rating.
  • Eco-friendly – Reduce the amount of heat absorbed by your roof with ENERGY STAR-rated cool roof shingles. This new energy-saving technology many manufacturers have recently adopted is designed to lower energy costs and lower roof temperature by reflecting the sun’s rays.

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