Solar Roofing in Kansas City

Solar energy is an increasingly popular means of getting power to your home. An eco-friendly, cost-effective solution for energy usage, our Roofing101 professionals offer specialized installation of high-quality solar panels. Not only do solar panels have the potential to significantly decrease your yearly energy consumption costs, but they’re also very durable. Easily lasting several decades, solar roofing also looks attractive, providing a modern style to your residence. 

Solar Roofing in Kansas Offers Eco-friendly, Cost-Effective Solutions

There is a long list of advantages to adding solar panels to your roof, provided they’re installed by industry experts. Let’s address the top two benefits right now, namely potential financial savings and environmental repercussions from choosing solar roofing for your home.

Potential Financial Savings – With solar roofing, you’ll potentially save money on the cost of energy. You may even be eligible to receive a 26% federal tax credit when you purchase solar panels. Therefore, if you need a new roof, you may want to consider offsetting the costs by opting for solar installation!

Environmental Impact – It’s easier than you think to potentially reduce your family’s carbon emissions, without having to change your lifestyle dramatically or spend a lot of money. Harvesting energy with solar panel installation is very simple and safe.

Roofing101 – Kansas’s Most-Trusted Roofers!

At Roofing101, our assessment and installation processes are very clear and simple:

Initial Consultation. After scheduling a free consultation, our roofers will assess if a solar system is right for your home, as the panels require a certain amount of sun exposure and space.

Strategic design. Then, a custom plan will be created by our designers, assuring it maximizes your energy savings.

Specialized Installation & Inspection. With our crew, you’re assured quality panels and expert installation. Before the panels are installed, an inspector will ensure everything meets local jurisdiction standards.

Potential Savings. soon after, you’ll start enjoying the benefits of cleaner, less expensive energy.

Contact Roofing101 today to schedule an estimate for solar installation or to learn more about our many other quality services in Kansas.